Light Perception

“Els hàbits condueixen a accions, que condueixen a resultats que al seu torn ens condueixen a l’èxit”

“Habits lead to actions, which lead to results which in turn leads us to success”


My background consists in 4 different countries, Bolivia, Sweden, Brazil & Spain.

I guess that life gave me one of the biggest gifts we can wish for, travel around the world collecting great memories and living, sharing and learning from different countries and cultures.

For me, expression is one of the most powerful tools we have in this dimension, I started early with photography and design, but life took me to so different waves that I ended up studying audio visual in Sweden, the whole spectrum from video, webdesign and sound.

Now lately I have been working with video production on an artistic level as well as on commercials trying to have a balance on both.

I am looking for long-term collaborations for a deeper creation.

Sincerely: Diego Mauricio

My work-flow

My work-flow