PRISMAFLOW (By Light Perception) A.K.A. Diego Mauricio, it is a project which is based in colors, light and motion, playing with the latest digital technology using advanced programs for the creation of those visuals and graphics.

The main idea is to present a live visual performance that can take many forms, it could include other visual artists, performers such as dancers, musicians and more.

The actual performance could be either in LED screens, other big screens like a big tv´or being projected with projectors.

The content could be personlized for the client or it could include my own art which is based in ancestral knwoledge, nature and geomterical forms.

Diego Mauricio is a multi-disciplinary artist with Bolivian roots, he lived big part of his life in Sweden where he has being graduated in 2 different and well knwon schools, one of them was a design School and the other one was a video and VFX production school.

He has also being travelling around the world, collecting memories, inspiration and knowledge.

For around 4 years, he has been living in Brazil and experimenting a lifestyle well connected with nature and power plants, which has made a big impact in the artistic carreer and shaping what Diego wants to explore and perform today.

Besides Brazil, he has been travelling a lot in the middle east area like Libanon, Palestina, Israel, Jordan and Egypt.

Egypt took a new turn in the artistic path of Diego, connecting dots and interests like ancient civilizations and sacred geometry. 

Diego Mauricio is now based in Barcelona exploring and creating different types of graphics, travelling for different performances around the globe.